Web services Development

Webservices have become core components of enterprise applications. Traditional 3-Tier applications do not hold value in today’s generation of Apps. We develop custom webservices for different customer needs, Mobile/Web backends, ERP integration, ESBs etc.
ByteOrigin’s expertise in this area, can help enterprises meet all of the enterprise service’s needs. Below are few scenarios, which needs extensive webservices development expertise.


Web Services Tools

  • B2B Integrations
  • B2C integrations
  • SAML Authentications
  • OAuth
  • SOAP Services
  • REST Services
  • Single Signon (SSO) integration, SAAS applications
  • Single Page Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • SaaS integrations
  • Automating IaaS (Infrastructure As a Service) tools (AWS, GCP or Azure)

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